Johannes King – Caviar House Prunier

Gourmet cuisine and finest caviar – they simply belong together! Even star chef Johannes King likes to use the delicacy for his menus in his two-star restaurant Söl´ring Hof on Sylt.

With success The Chefs’ Stories was able to build a long-term cooperation between the top suppliers of caviar and the nature-conscious cooking of Johannes King.  Good suppliers are a very important criterion in the star cuisine – only a cook who stands behind the products and their origin can be successfull. Sustainability is very important to Johannes King. He knows the way Caviar House Prunier keeps it´s animals and  how they ensure a high quality product.

That is why the star chef can advertise authentically for the brand Caviar House Prunier on his website and on his social media channel. This initiated collaboration between chef and delicacy supplier is a good example of how important it is that we as a marketing agency have got to know the needs and ideas of our chefs. Long-term partnerships are possible but are based on mutual trust and appreciation – as in this case.

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