What does good cooperation management mean?

For every successful branding of a star chef or another representative of gastronomy, the right cooperations are significant. A good cooperation management supports the interference of a brand and a cooperation partner by coordinating and combining the individual ideas of both sides. In the beginning we have to filter out which partner is appropriate for a cooperation in the long run, since not every cooperation does make sense. For example, a talented junior chef definitely fits to a provider of high quality kitchenware. On the contrary, a cooperation with a provider of swimwear just makes sense to limited extent.

Cooperations are based on agreements about processes and targets which in the end are defined by the advantages for both sides. The cooperation partner is able to underline the exclusiveness of his product or event by the brand. In return, the other side establishes its brand equity and can expand the own degree of fame with the help of the cooperation.

Success by a competent cooperation manager

The Chef´s Stories accompanies and coordinates all essential steps during a planned cooperation in the restaurant sector. Research, negotiation, support – with this apparently very simple framework nothing stops a successful cooperation. But which tasks a cooperation management has to absolve during each of the single steps?

  • Research: After a request for cooperation for one of our artists we investigate in detail how far a cooperation for both sides could make sense. Do ideas and communicated values of the possible partner and artist fit together? Could an authentic cooperation be guaranteed? If these questions are answered and the result of the research is positive, the next step can be realized.
  • Negotiation: We want both sides to profit from the cooperation. We support our artists with drawing up an agreement and guarantee, thanks to years of experience, for a successful deal of the negotiation. All questions and details around the future cooperation are noted and determined in the best way. Therefore, differences are excluded right from the beginning.
  • Support: After a successful negotiation, a good cooperation management is involved in all processes of decision-making as responsible partner on a long-term basis. A cooperation is not a static construct. New trends, innovative products and ideas can lead to constantly changing performances about how the cooperation is used from both sides. With those decisions, we, in our role as your cooperation manager, are an important interface in communications for satisfying every cooperation partner.