Jan-Philipp Berner

Jan-Philipp Berner Söl'ring Hof

Jan-Philipp Berner – a cook on the fast lane

New try outs, constant inspiration and develope ideas together in a team. As head chef of „Söl’ring Hof“ on Sylt, Jan-Philipp Berner benefits fom his seventh sense for new culinary delights.


  • 2007: Gourmetrestaurant Jörg Müller (Commis und Demi de Cuisine)
  • 2009: Gourmetrestaurant Tschifflik Jörg Glauben (Chef de Partie)
  • 2009: Söl’ring Hof Johannes King (Chef de Partie)
  • 2010: Gourmetrestaurant Lerbach Nils Henkel
  • Since 2013: Söl’ring Hof Johannes King (Chef de Cuisine)



  • 2013: Winner of the 37. Concours International des Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs (world cup for young chefs)

Jan-Philipp Berner discovered his passion for cooking after an internship during school time. Speed, smell and temperature wows him and strengthen his decision to become a qualified cook. During the period of training he already couldn´t accept the mean – instead he prepared himself constanly for new competitions. Jan-Phillip Berner completed his training successfully with distinction and scholarship in 2007 and worked in the gourmet restaurant of Jörg Müller on Sylt, to get to now the top class. During high season on the island he learned about the tough part of his dream profession. But this didnt encourage the young chef and he continued by cooking with well-known chefs like Jörg Glauben in his gourmet restaurant Tschifflik. After he was already employed at „Söl’ring Hof“ as chief Gardemanger and Saucier in 2009, he switched to the 2-star restaurant of Nils Henkel.

In 2011 Jan-Philipp Berner graduates successfully with 99 % –  an unprecedented result! Two years later he is not only the best young chef in Germany, he also wins the cooking world champion title „Concours International des Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs“. With his talent he came out on top against participants from 20 nations and convinced the jury from his skills. Since 2013 he is back in Söl’ring Hof and creates continuously new dishes as head chef. Cooking is a process for him that never finishes. Inspiration for his ideas is the natur of Sylt and what it provides. However, direct dialogues with guests inspire him because they can evaluate his dishes from another perspective. From Johannes King he learned to concentrate on the essentials.  For Jan-Philipp Berner the taste is in the foreground. This simple philosophy gives each of his dishes an incredible intensity an  elates his cutomers. His continuous new creations guarantee him the best chance of a star career.