Jens Rittmeyer

Jens Rittmeyer

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A Michelin talent for brilliant sauces

His healthy ambition drives Jens Rittmeyer from the Atlantic coast to Sylt and now to the banks of the Elbe: Due to his ingenious yet simple cuisine and premium sauces, gourmets from allover come to Buxtehude to taste Jens Rittmeyer’s cookery.


  • 1991: Chef Apprenticeship at „Hotel Burg Windeck“, Buehl (Baden)
  • 1992: Chef Apprenticeship at „Allee-Hotel Baeren“, Baden-Baden
  • 1995: Restaurant „Stahlbad“, Baden-Baden
  • 1996: “Hotel im Wasserturm”, Cologne
  • 1999: “Victorian” (Guenter Scherrer), Dusseldorf
  • 2001: “Schloßhotel Lerbach” (Dieter Mueller), Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2002: Sous Chef at “Vila Joya”, Albufeira (Portugal)
  • 2003: Chef de Cuisine at “São Gabriel”, Almancil (Portugal)
  • 2010: Chef de Cuisine at “KAI3”, Hoernum / Sylt
  • since 2017: Chef de Cuisine at “Seabreeze” and “N°4°, Buxtehude



  • 2003 – 2009: One * Guide Michelin (“São Gabriel”)
  • 2001 – 2016: One * Guide Michelin („KAI3“)
  • 2013: 17 points by GaultMillau
  • 2016: “Chef of the Year” by “Der Feinschmecker”
  • 2017: One * Guide Michelin („No°4“)

In the same year as Jens Rittmeyer graduates from school, the Berlin Wall comes to its fall – the starting signal for his career as a chef. Plagued by wanderlust, he moved from Halle (Saale) to Baden-Baden to become a cook. Afterwards, his journey continues to the Rhineland, where he works in the tough places of award-winning cuisines. In the kitchen of Günter Scherrer he learns the most: This is where the way is paved for those who want to be someone in the world of top cuisines. The “Schloßhotel Lerbach” in Bergisch Gladbach is just as valuable for his career. Under the direction of the three-star-rated chef Dieter Müller, Jens Rittmeyer discovers his passion for the elaborate preparation of sauces. After all, his thirst for adventure drives him even further: After a year as a sous-chef at the “Vila Joya” in Portugal, he becomes head chef at the “São Gabriel”; this is where he earns his first Michelin Star. For seven years, Jens Rittmeyer works in Portugal until he comes back to Germany eventually. After working in Berlin for a short while, he takes the position as a head chef of the restaurant “KAI3” on the north sea island of Sylt, where Michelin Guide rewards his cooking skills with another star.

 Another seven years later, Jens Rittmeyer is packing his bags again to move to Buxtehude and become kitchen chef in the restaurants of the “Navigare NSBhotel” in February 2017. While he is preparing traditional and authentic dishes in the restaurant “Seabreeze”, the top chef is being completely himself in the kitchen of “N°4”: This is where he thrills his well-travelled guests with his special nordic cuisine that focuses on fresh vegetables and sensational sauces. In the same year, the Michelin Guide rewards him for this with a star. The “N°4” is carrying its number of tables in its name: A maximum of 16 people can find a seat this exclusive place. As a special highlight, the dishes are being refined directly on the guests’ table. Every visit is a unique experience! Jens Rittmeyer’s creations are all characterized by his great enthusiasm for Northern Germany and Scandinavia. In order to guarantee the best possible product quality, the star chef has been working directly with farmers for years. His standards for product selection are very high as well as when it comes to working in a team with his kitchen staff: Every single person on the team is important; but he is never leaving the saucier spoon out of his hand. It is not for nothing that Jens Rittmeyer is called “master of sauces”! While in other kitchens they are often nothing but a small component, Jens Rittmeyer’s sauces take the starring role in every dish of his.