Steffen Disch

Johannes King Söl'ring Hof

The star chef and his herb garden

Johannes King created with the „Söl’ring Hof“ a perfectly functioning gourmet empire on Sylt . The hotel, restaurant and the „Genuss-Shop“  are among the top of Sylt´s gastronomy, in terms of quality and comfort.


  • 1985 working in the restaurant “Maitre Henry Levy” in Berlin
  • 1986 Restaurant “Zum Hugenotten” (now “Hugo´s”) in the Hotel “Inercontinental” in Berlin
  • 1989 Chef de Cuisine at “Grand Slam” in Berlin
  • since 2000 Chef de Cuisine and host at the Hotel “Sölring Hof”



  • 1993: First * Guide Michelin
  • 1997: “Newcomer of the Year” by GaultMillau
  • 1998: “Berlin Master Chef”
  • seit 2004: ** Michelin stars
  • 2004: 17 points by GaultMillau
  • 2013: “Chef of the Year” by “Der Feinschmecker”

The path of Johannes King leads him from Cologne to Vienna, via Berlin to Sylt. The great career move takes place 1989 in Berlin when he got promoted as head chef in the „Grand Slam“. A few years later he receives his first Michelin star. More awards are following during the next years. In 1997 he was chosen by GaultMillau to be the „Newcomer of the Year“ and 1989 he was awarded as the „Berlin Master Chef“. In 2004 Johannes King is awarded with a second Michelin star. A peak in his career! Four years earlier he resumed the “Söl’ring Hof“. His skills and the high quality standart ensure the growing success of the 5-star hotel with it’s integrated 2-star restaurant. It’s popularity is also growing steadily on the mainland. The star cook is a welcoming guest at cookery shows  where he shows his viewers how to prepare easily delicious dishes.   

 Johannes King focuses on local products, sustainability and respectful consumption. In order to guarantee the freshness and quality of ingredients, Johannes King owns his own herb garden and is also involved in beekeeping. The result is high-quality honey. He also owns a fishing boat called „Traumfänger“, in which he likes to go fishing with his team on the North Sea. The freshly caught fish is then processed in his cuisine. The self-collected and caught delicacies of the island are not only offered in the „Söl’ring Hof“. Johannes Kings „Genuss-Shop“ opened 2013 and makes his favourite products even more publicized in 2-star quality. The online shop with it’s delicacies is quickly becoming the guarantor of success and is know far beyond the borders of Sylt. His guests appreciate the likable star chef for his caring nature an the culinary masterpieces from his kitchen. The toughtful use oft he ingredients is not only timely but is well received. The taste is unique!