Viktoria Fuchs

Rooted, wild, cosmopolitan

A fresh new wind blows through the Münstertal, as Viktoria Fuchs now reigns in the kitchen of the Spielweg restaurant. And the surly masters the creative-regional cuisine like no other. Her heartfelt excitement is infectious, Viktoria Fuchs lives and loves her profession – every day anew!


  • 2008: Culinary apprenticeship at the  „Hirschen“ restaurant by Douce Steiner, Sulzburg
  • 2010: „Hirschen“ restaurant as Chef Gardemanger, Sulzburg
  • 2011: „Le Canard“ restaurant as Commis de Cuisine under Ali Güngörmüş, 
  • 2012: „Landhaus St. Urban“ restaurant as Chef Entremetier & Commis Saucier under Harald Rüssel, Naurath/ Wald
  • 2014: „Luce d’Oro“ restaurant as Demi Chef & Chef Gardemanger under Mario Paecke at Schloss Elmau
  • 2015: Romantik Hotel & Restaurant Spielweg Chef de Cuisine and owner, Münstertal
  • Since 2018: Membership of the Jeunes Restaurateurs Leading Chefs organization

Already in its sixth generation, it is now the turn of Viktoria Fuchs and her sister to run the Romantik Hotel & Restaurant Spielweg in the scenic Black Forest. As the daughter of a tradition-rich restaurateur family, cooking skills run in the family and, not surprisingly, Viktoria‘s interest in food is a passion she discovered at a very young age. As a little girl, she loved to spend time in the kitchen of the Spielweg restaurant, back then with her father still in charge of the stove. It was during those years that Viktoria decided that she wanted to continue the tradition her ancestors once started. And thus today, just a few years later, the young chef herself is the chef de cuisine in the very same house where she spent her childhood.

However, until Viktoria found her way back to the Black Forest, her career led her to various stations, beginning with the “Hirschen” restaurant in Sulzburg – where Viktoria completed her culinary training under the two-star awarded chef Douce Steiner – followed by culinary stops at Ali Güngörmüs‘ famous „Le Canard“ restaurant in Hamburg and the „Luce d’Oro“ restaurant at Schloss Elmau. These experiences did not only enrich Viktoria‘s deep understanding of regional ingredients and her culinary point of view, but also led to Viktoria developing her very own cooking style.

Today, back in the family business, Viktoria can draw from plentiful resources: Having acquired lots of experience, plus, having a wealth of fresh ingredients right in front of her restaurant‘s doors, she leads the kitchen with heartfelt ease that is second to none. While Viktoria remains true to her roots – with the Black Forest serving as a rich source of regional delicacies – Victoria also likes to playfully insert cosmopolitan twists to her cuisine. Her passion is wild game, to which she likes to add Far Eastern ingredients, thus, achieving unexpected culinary delights. Viktoria always makes sure to sort seasonal produce from regional suppliers (predominantly from the Southern Black Forest Nature Park), that are sustainable and processed as a whole. Be it home-made meat and sausage products from her father’s own hunt, baked goods or products from the Spielweg‘s very own artisanal cheese factory – Viktoria Fuchs knows how to combine local products with tasty influences of the Asian and Oriental cuisine. Viktoria herself calls her kitchen a “hodgepodge” – unmistakably rooted, wild and cosmopolitan.